Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on Elizabeth

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to post and let everyone know how Elizabeth made out at the eye doctor. Apparently she has 20/20 vision in her right eye and 20/25 in her left eye. With near perfect vision, we are back to the drawing board as far as her headaches are concerned. This past Friday I met with her pedi and she would like to do a CT scan but her insurance won't let her do one until other less expensive tests are done first. So, she ordered a 3 way x-ray of her sinuses and prescribed three different meds for her to take over the course of the next few weeks. This is to rule out possible sinus infection or inflammation. If that does not work then she can justify the CT scan to the insurance company. We have an appt. with the Dr. on the 15th to check everything. So far she is still having headaches. Please pray for wisdom for us all. I really don't want to put Elizabeth through any unnecessary tests, but I also don't want her to continue to suffer through headaches everyday. Thanks for praying!
In Him,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Praises and Updates

Hello Everyone!
I pray everyone is doing well. We are in our 3rd week of school and things are going really great! Elizabeth has become an A/B student in Math (formerly a C student). While she does not particularly enjoy everything she is doing, she is still doing well in every subject. Her legs are doing great. She still has a little ache in them when it rains she says, but other than that she is back to playing with her friends as always. Since starting school she has begun to experience headaches while reading or concentrating so we have an appt with an eye Dr. on Oct. 1st. I will let you know how that turns out.

Rebekah is doing so great in school that quite frankly I am speechless. She has decided all of a sudden that she really likes to read and that school isn't so bad after all. Now those of you who know the struggles I have had with her on these points will know that this is just a miracle! I have prayed for so long that the Lord would instill a love of learning in her heart and I am so thankful that he finally has. She is reading a large portion of her work on her own and understanding it perfectly. She is truly a changed child and a joy to teach! Praise Him!

Rachel is a pure delight! I watch her sometimes in awe. That the Lord would bestow such a wonderful gift to me is so humbling. I look forward to seeing each new day through her eyes and it is truly amazing. We took her to a cardiologist today to check her murmur. They have found it to be completely innocent. We are so thankful.

I will try to be more faithful in updating. I know I have said that before, but know that I really am trying.:0)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Dr. visit/Getting ready for school

Hello Everyone!
Elizabeth saw the orthopedic Dr. today. The Dr. says that Elizabeth is getting stronger and looks really good. Throughout this past week she has had a significant decrees in pain. For this we are so thankful. She still can't jump around and go crazy but was told to just use common sense. If it hurts STOP!:P She has another appt in 21/2 week just to check how things are going. However, the Dr. said that if she is doing great that we can cancel. Sooo, we won't bet going to PE tomorrow, but I don't think it is that big of a deal since it's raining here like crazy anyway and I do NOT want to be out in it all day.

I can't believe that school starts next Monday! WOW! Where did our summer go. I am not even close to being ready. I will have to jump into overdrive to get everything done. However, with that said, we WILL be ready and start school on time. I think Rebekah is getting a little excited about starting back but doesn't want to admit it. Elizabeth is not looking forward to starting back but she is also almost 13. Enough said!

Mike's birthday is this Wednesday. We are looking forward to celebrating. However, we probably will wait til the weekend since he is just so tired during the week. We have a lovely painting for him that a local friend did. It is of two blue footed boobies (birds for those that don't know). I think it will remind him of the tropics, diving, and the ocean. Elizabeth's gift for her dad is a song. He has been on her for some time now to learn Moonlight Sonata on the piano. She has been practicing for months now without his knowledge and plans to play it for him on his day. Rebekah is not sure what she wants to do yet, but I am sure we will think of something quite special.
Well, that is all for now. My love to you all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Prayer's and Big Praises

Hello everyone. I pray you have all had a wonderful week. Things are going fairly well here. Elizabeth's therapy is going well. She is still in pain but hopefully with time things will get better. I found out that my insurance would not accept Mrs. Deb's office. I guess she is outside their system. However, I was up for renewal and had the option to change which company we used so I have switched. This is not the only reason I have switched, but it is one of several big ones. The new company does accept her office so we are very grateful. I did not find this out til after Elizabeth's second appointment, which was denied by the old company. So Deb has basically been seeing Elizabeth for FREE! What a testimony to the way the body of Christ is suppose to take care of each other. I know it is not the same as money, but I will have to bake her some of my Amish Friendship bread. YUM!

Rebekah did not have to go to the Dr's. for her eye. I was ever so grateful that the irritation went away after a good night's rest. Please pray for Rebekah this coming Sunday. She was caught doing something she shouldn't and now has to confess it and ask for forgiveness. This is such a hard lesson to learn. However, Mike and I feel very strong that it is necessary she do this. Scripture is very clear about what we need to do when we have wronged a brother in Christ. It is our hope that these lessons learned now will help her to stay on the right path in the future.

Rachel had her 15 month check-up on Tuesday. She is doing well, however, the Dr. wants to see her again next month. While listening to her heart she detected a murmur. This of course was totally freaking me out at first. However, now that I have had a chance to reflect and pray, I have a clearer mind. I am not going to borrow trouble. God is in TOTAL control. I am praying that between now and then God will touch her little body and when we see the Dr. next month she will hear nothing but a perfectly beating heart. Can I get an AMEN! Also, the Dr. wants to check Rachel's weight. On Tuesday she weighted 20 pounds, which is what she weighed last time we were there. I am not really concerned with this, I just think she is going to be petite.

Mike and I are doing well. Mike is working hard as ever, but really liking the challenge of his new position. We are hopeful that his dedication will lead to bigger and better things for him as time goes on. He has also been working hard this week getting a lot of yard work done. The yard is really starting to look nice.
I am gearing up for the new school year. I have never liked the paper work part of homeschooling but it is a necessary evil. I plan to finish all of my filing in the next few weeks so I can have everything ready for Sept. 1st. I would really like to do something fun for the first day of school, however, I am at a loss. Please feel free to give me your suggestions:0) Well, that's all for now. Sending my love to you all. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Physical Therapy Visit

Hello Everyone! I thought I would let you all know how Elizabeth's appt. with PT went. We are very fortunate to know Elizabeth's physical therapist personally. Mrs. Deb, as the girls call her, is a member of our church and, I feel very confident that Elizabeth is getting the very best of care.

First, Deb interviewed Elizabeth about her knee. Once that was done she placed little electrodes on her skin along with anti-inflammatory medicine. The electrodes helped push the medicine down into the joint where it is inflamed. She also iced it for a good long while. After that, Deb showed Elizabeth several exercises that she wants her to do over the course of this month to help strengthen the muscles in her legs. We will go back to see her on Thursday where she will give her some more exercises and do the electrodes and medicine again.

While we were there she noticed that Elizabeth is standing and walking with her left ankle rolled in. She said that this can actually cause pain in the opposite knee (it is Elizabeth's right knee that is hurt). She does not feel this is what is causing her pain but, she said that it can and will cause her joint trouble as she gets older. She has suggested that we fit Elizabeth with an insert for her shoe so she walks, runs, stands,etc properly. However, our primary concern is to get rid of the pain she is experiencing now. I will talk to the orthopedist about this new development when we go back on the 25th.

In other news, Elizabeth is very excited to be going back to the vet's office tomorrow. She will wear her brace and call me if she needs to be picked up early. I also may take Rebekah to the Dr. tomorrow to have her eye looked at. I think she may be developing a sty.

I'll let you know how things go with everything in the next few days.
In Christ,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Elizabeth Update

Well, The MRI came back clean so she will not need surgery. This is a very good thing. However, it also leaves us with many questions. No one is sure why her knee is hurting. It has been suggested that she may have bruised the bone, or compressed the cartilage when she wore the heels. So for now she will continue to take her pain meds when needed. She has been ordered off the crutches and she is only suppose to wear the brace when she will be up on her feet for a long time and she feels she needs it. Monday she goes to see a physical therapist who will give her some exercises to do over the course of this next month. On the 25th of Aug she will go back to the orthopedic for a re-check and see where she is at that point. The goal for the month is to strengthen her leg and knee.

Not much else to report so I will close for now.
In Christ,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Long time no see!

Hello Everyone! Did you think I had forgotten that I had started this blog? Well, I didn't forget. Part of the reason I haven't posted is because we are often times very busy. The other reason is because it is summer and I am often times very lazy! I will try to hit the highlights of the last two months.

Mike - His back is doing much better, although it is still not 100%. He is doing stretching and strengthening exercises given to him by the physical therapist. It is slow progress but he is doing well. He has finally settled into that little promotion I spoke of way back when. It is not so much of a promotion as it is just a different job for the same company with a lot more responsibility and a little more money. He seems to like what he is doing at the moment, but we are still praying that at some point he will be able to get out of the plant and into an office type position.

Elizabeth - In June Elizabeth helped teach VBS (vacation bible school) with the youth group at church. She helped with the singing ministry and really enjoyed herself. I will try and remember to have her write about it soon. While she was there she jumped over a creek and hurt her ankle. We thought she may have broken it, but after x-rays we found it was only severely sprained. A few weeks after that the youth were in charge of our church service and she helped demonstrate all the songs they taught the children during the week. While she was doing this she was jumping in heals and injured her right knee. I believe that the initial injury happened when she jumped the creek, but jumping in heals really did her in. After a trip to the Dr. , x-rays which showed nothing, and rest she was still in pain so she was referred to an orthopedic Dr. She saw her this past Friday and she scheduled an MRI which was done this past Monday. We go tomorrow to find out the results. They are thinking she may have torn some cartilage. Please pray for this situation as surgery has been mentioned and that really scares her. I will update with the results tomorrow night as time allows.

Rebekah - Rebekah has been really enjoying her summer break. Her big summer project has been a dress she has been sewing with her sewing teacher. It is very pretty! The background is white and it has blue and green polka-dots all over it. Very cute, and very Rebekah! She has been spending most of her time just relaxing and playing on the computer or in her room. She has really stepped up in helping me these past few weeks since Elizabeth hurt herself. I don't know what I would do without her.

Rachel - Rachel will be 15months old on the 8th of August! I can't believe it. She is very active and in to EVERYTHING! Some of her favorite activities are to ride her horse, play her guitar, and dance. She loves to read and play games with her sister's too, but her most favorite activity is still nursing. I am happy to report that we are officially extended nursers. I didn't get to do that with Elizabeth or Rebekah so it is even more of a joy that I get to do it this time around. Rachel has been very healthy with the exception of a bought of Roseola a week ago.

Me - I am busy as ever trying to get things in order for this coming school year. I still have books to order and papers to file away from last year. It is a very time consuming job to stay on top of it all, however, I wouldn't change it for the world. With three girls to look after and a house to run I don't get a lot of free time but I really don't mind. Pretty soon they will all be grown and gone and I will have more free time than I will know what to do with. Mike and I do try to squeeze in a date here and there, and that is always nice.

Well , that pretty much sums up the highlights! I will update the blog with Elizabeth's results tomorrow.
In Him,

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh the Drama!

Hello everyone!
What a week. On Monday our toilet clogged and Mike spent most of the week getting it unclogged. Every Spring we have tree root trouble and we end up spending several hundred dollars having the drain unclogged. Well, Mike was tired of spending so much money on something he felt he could do himself. So..... he bought a snake to snake the line. He got two clogs loosened from the drain but everything was still backing up. We couldn't run any water appliances without all the water going directly into our yard. After messing with it for three days Mike finally had me call the city. They came out and flushed their main line but it was running fine. Then they snaked our line with a high powered water hose and within minutes had our line completely clear. They told us that the snake we bought likely helped but the clogs were too big. They said in the future to call them first before a plumber to see what they can do. Whew, what a mess!

In the process of working on the drain and working 19 of the last 21 days Mike has hurt himself. His sciatica is acting up something awful. He is taking the weekend to try and rest. He is hoping with rest and ice he can get it under control. If not he will need to see a Dr. next week. Please pray that whatever is causing his pain will be something not requiring surgery.

Well, as if the week wasn't exciting enough, I had to take a trip to the ER with Rachel yesterday. The girls and I were in Wal-mart and Elizabeth was watching Rachel for me while I looked at some Father's Day cards. Anyway, Rachel stood up and when Elizabeth tried to get her to sit back down she slipped and fell out of the cart and onto the floor with her head. I didn't see it. All I heard was like a melon hitting the ground and when I turned around Rachel was flat on her back wailing like no tomorrow. I called my ped and she said I should take her in to be checked. They looked her over but didn't do the CT scan or x-ray my Dr. thought they would do. They just checked her ears, eyes, and head and told me what to look for as far as concussion. I was not very happy with her care and called my ped as soon as we had left. She told me a few other things to look out for and told me she would see me in the morning. When we went this morning Rachel was looking and doing great. However, when the Dr. looked in her ears she found that she had an ear infection. So while she is fine from the fall she is now on antibiotics. My question is, why they didn't catch the infection in the ER! I hate my ER. I always have. Thankfully I have a wonderful ped who really cares about my kiddos. I love her!
Elizabeth felt absolutely awful about Rachel falling. She was so upset and crying. I felt so bad for her. She old me that she thought Rachel was dead, and that if she was, that she would have been her murderer. How is that for heaping coals of condemnation and guilt on oneself. I had to explain to her that no one blames her, and that it could have happened to any one of us. Rachel moves so fast these days. We have to be ever vigilant.

So....... That was our week. Hopefully next week will be much less eventful. We only have three weeks of school left and the girls are getting very excited about that. Arizona their cousin will be coming to visit on the 17th and staying for about a month with my mom. They can't wait to get to know her better and have someone other than each other to play with. I am trying to come up with some fun things to do while she is here.

Well, that's it for now. I'll write again in a few days. God Bless.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nearing the end!

Hello everyone! We officially will be done with school on June 20. Yeah!!! I can't believe our year is almost over. I am really looking forward to some down time with my girls. The girls will still have piano, and they will also have sewing once a week over the summer. These things are a nice extra for them when there is nothing to do outside but melt in the hot Georgia sun. Elizabeth will also continue to work at the vet's office once a week. Right now she goes in for 2 hours each week, but I think we are going to extend those hours a bit for the summer. She would prefer to stay for 3 or 4 hours a week. I may have to rearrange piano for the summer but I am sure it will all work out.

Rachel had her 1 year check-up last Monday. She was 18# 4oz. and 28 1/2 in long. The Dr. said she was in the 15% for her age. People say she is small but she looks very big to me. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing some of her birthday pics. I still can't believe she is 1. I mean, how did that happen! She sure is an awful lot of fun. I am really enjoying her company these days.
Rachel learned her first sign language word Sunday. We have been signing the word for "please" for the past month or so and she finally got it. Now if we could just get her to stop whining for things and just use the sign...... I guess it will come in time. Now we are working on "all done" and "more"

Tomorrow night Elizabeth and Rebekah will be getting awards for Awana. They both finished their Awana books and will be getting ribbons. This is a big accomplishment since many, many, many, many scriptures had to be memorized by both of them to achieve this. I am very proud of both of them. As excited as Elizabeth is about receiving her award I think it will be a bitter sweet night for her. Tomorrow will be her last official Awana club meeting. Next year she will be too old. She is considering becoming an LIT(leader in training) but is torn between doing that and participating in youth group.

Well, that's it for now. Sending my love to you all.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rachel's Birthday pics

Sorry about the mix-up. I think the night I was writing the last post Rachel woke up and I had to log out. Then I forgot to go back later and post what I had written. Anyway, I will now update you on everything that has happened since my OOPS.

Rebekah did in fact have a sinus infection. Her Dr. prescribed some meds for her and she was as good as new a few days later. Other than that everyone has been healthy until a day ago when I came down with a head cold. I hope I don't give it to anybody. I must say right now I am eternally grateful for Puffs-Plus and Vaseline. They both do wonders at keeping my nose from becoming so raw that I can't stand to touch it.

On the 3rd of May Mike's mom and brother came for a visit from Ohio. They were here for the whole week and left yesterday the 10th. The girls really enjoyed having them here. Unfortunately, Mike had to work most of the week, but he was able to spend some time with all of us in the evenings. He was however, able to get Friday off and we went to the zoo in Greenville. It is not a very large zoo, but it was perfect for Rachel's first introduction to animal's other than her dog's. She really enjoyed the giraffe's and the elephant's. She also really liked the monkey's and lion's. She just kept pointing and saying. "da", which is her way of saying "dog". I just kept talking to her and telling her all about the animals. Elizabeth and Rebekah really enjoyed watching her discover new things as well. It had been a long time since they had been to a zoo.

May 1st Rachel hit a major milestone. She walked for the first time! We were all so excited. It is so fun for me as a mom to watch the older girls delight in their baby sister's accomplishments. They just kept encouraging her to come to them, and when she did they would just clap and cheer. Since then she has really taken off.
On the 8th my baby turned 1. I am so amazed by this past year. I look at every day as a opportunity to see the world through her eyes and watch her discover everything with such awe and wonder. I count myself so blessed to be able to be her mother and discover anew God's creation.
We had a lovely little party for Rachel. She received many new and fun toys and some very nice things to wear. The girls each bought her a tub toy. Mike and I bought her a walking toy and an activity table. My friend Michelle made her cake. It was in the shape of the number one. It was pink and perfect. She also made her a pretty little smash cake which Rachel made quick work of. She was a riot!!! Oh, I wish we could do it all over again, it was soo much fun!

I have had a very nice mother's day. We went to church and then just relaxed in the afternoon. We invited mom and Stu over for a cookout later in the evening and then watched Survivor. We all love that show. Anyway, it was very relaxing. Tomorrow, I get to go pick out a new outfit. I am excited. I already know what I want. I am going to get a cute shirt and a pair of capri's. Well, that should bring everything up to speed. I am going to post pics of the baby's birthday as soon as I post this. My love to you all.

uh-oh Rachel is awake thos pics might have to wait til tomorrow!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Again!

Well, it has been a rough few days here. We think Rebekah has a sinus infection that has now also turned into ear infections in both ears. I am going to call the Dr. first thing in the morning. Let me back up a bit and tell you about the last few days.

Thursday our yearbook staff had a bake sale at The Taste of Toccoa, a local festival, to raise money. They did very well, and raised about $200. We incorporated the 50's theme of our yearbook into our booth. It was very cute. The girls each wore their hair in pony tales with red ribbon, black pants or skirts, and white shirts. A couple of our girls even had poodle skirts. Very fun! On Friday the girls had a slumber party for Awana. It is an annual event for the Awana girls that every one looks forward too. This was Rebekah's first year that she could go. Both of the girls had a wonderful time. However, when they got home they were wiped out. Rebekah complained of a headache so I gave her some Tylenol and sent her to take a nap. I figured it was just fatigue from not enough sleep. She complained off and on all though Saturday. This morning (Sunday) she woke up still hurting. After asking her a few questions I figures it was probably her sinuses. Poor thing! We called the after hours people at my Dr's office and have been doing everything we can to help ease the pain however, by mid to late afternoon she was complaining of an earache as well.

OOPS!!!!!! I thought I published this post on April 28th. Sorry!!! I will publish it now and also write a new update.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Elizabeth volunteers at the vet's office

Hello everybody! I had a great time at the vet's office last Tuesday. I got to watch two surgeries!!!!! The first surgery was on a cute little black dog who had two bumps removed. The doctor cut them off with a knife and sowed him up with a special curved needle. Then he cut the bumps open to see what they were, they were large cysts. Then we took him to his cage and the nurse kept rubbing him to keep him warm and checking his tongue to see if it was pink (if the tongue is white it's serious.) When the dog woke up he was really loopy. He kept on shaking and moving his head around like he was a robot.

The next surgery was the best. I got to see a dog spade! First, the nurse let me carry her to a table and I held her still as the doctor put her to sleep. When she was asleep the nurse laid her upside down and shaved the hair off her belly to prevent infection. Then, the nurse took her to the surgery room while I rolled in the equipment. I watched the doctor take out the ovaries and the uterus . During surgery the nurse said the dogs heart rate dropped down to 82! The doctor started blowing into a tube that was down the dogs throat every once in awhile and the dog was all right! The nurse took her to her cage and she woke up immediately. All she did was bark and whimper. The doctor told me she wasn't in pain she just didn't know what she was doing yet. The dog tried to stand up and almost fell out of the cage before it was closed! I had an awesome time and can't wait till tomorrow!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good week...

Hello Everyone,
It has been a pretty good week here. Just an update... Rachel is doing really well. Her Dr. appt on Monday went good. The Dr. said her ear still didn't look 100% but that is looked better than it had been. I was told to just continue with the meds and come back for a check in two weeks, which should be April 25th. Boy am I glad that she is off the steroid! Her disposition went way south on that stuff. Now we just have the antibiotic so she is MUCH better.

Rebekah is suppose to go to the allergist on Thursday. I am a little nervous about going. I really don't like traveling where I am not familiar, and this place is all the way in Gainsville. I am use to my nice little city. I guess I will just have to bite the bullet as Mike would say.

Elizabeth has had several exciting days this past week. On Friday she did The Great American Cleanup with her 4-H group. She had a really great time picking up trash along the side of the road. Her friend Jarin was there so it was nice that she had someone she knew to pal around with. Also, today was a VERY big deal for her. After we did the UGA Vet day she really expressed an interest in Veterinary medicine. I called my vet up to see if he would let her volunteer at his office once a week and he said yes! Today was her first day! She will start going every Tuesday from 7:30am to 9:30am. Today she saw to surgeries which was very exciting to hear to tell about. As a matter of fact I will not say anymore about it. Instead I will have her blog to you about it. It is better first hand anyway.

Well, that is all for now. I will try to get a few more pictures up in the next few days as time allows.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rebekah's UGA Experience

Dear Everybody,
I had a very good time at UGA. It was sooooo much fun. First there was a dog show. We watched about half of it. Maybe a little less, well I don't really know. Anyway, then we got in line for a tour of the animal hospital. It was a loooooong line. When we made it to the front of the line we saw a horse preparing to have surgery. It was sooooooo cool.Then we saw a dog having surgery. It was sooooooooooo DISGUSTING. Then I asked Mom if we could do teddy bear surgery, but she said not yet.
Then we went to see a bunch of animals. There were three baby pigs, camels, and even a ZEBRA. I asked again if we could do teddy bear surgery and Mom said yes! WOOHOO!!!! When we got there, of course there was a LINE so we waited and waited. When we were finally there they gave me a teddy bear with its heart sticking out of its chest. They gave me a surgical hat, mask, and gloves. Then we started surgery. I put the teddy bear to sleep with a big mask and the Dr. sewed the teddy bear up. In no time the teddy bears heart was okay. By the end of the day I was very tired, but I had a lot of fun.

And the Winner is......

Rebekah's car with her first place trophy. Her car had a WAY COOL spacey theme!
Elizabeth made her car look like an Eagle. How COOL is that!
In our opinion, both girl's won because both were such great sports!

Pine Derby Race Day!

Elizabeth races against one of her very good friends!
Rebekah races against a fellow Awana member.
Elizabeth and Rachel sit with two friends and watch the races.
Rebekah poses with the other winners for the newspaper!
I WON!!!!!!

Dr. Appt. Update

Hello Everyone,
Well, it has certainly been a very trying couple of days. Rachel is still sick. When the Dr. examined her she found that her right ear was still very infected. Not only is it infected but the eardrum is bulging! Rachel ended up getting two more shots. One was the same stuff they gave her on Sat. which is Rosephin (sp?) and the other was an anti- inflammatory to help decrease the inflammation in the ear canal. The Dr. also switched her antibiotic to something that will not make her sick. She is also on prednisolone for 5 days. To top everything off her third tooth broke through the skin yesterday and the forth is about to do the same. Needless to say Rachel is a whimpering, whiny, crying, mess! My poor baby! All I can do is hold her and nurse her. She falls asleep on me but when I try to move her to her crib she pitches an enormous fit. My only consolation is knowing that this to shall pass. She has another appt on Friday to see how things are going.

Rebekah on the other hand got a clean bill of health. Yeah! She is suppose to see an allergist on Thursday in Gainsville, which is about an hour or so from here. However, in light of Rachel's pitifulness I am going to re-schedule it for next week. I just really don't want to haul a cranky baby all that way and have to deal with her.

Well, that is about it. I hope you enjoyed Elizabeth's account of her UGA experience. I plan on having Rebekah write her account tomorrow so be watching for it!;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Elizabeth's Day at UGA

Hi everyone! My mom told me to tell you about my UGA experience so here it is. We got there and there was this big fenced in area where there were two horses which I got to pet. They were really cool. When the horses went away a bunch of dogs came in and did relay races for us(and I thought our dogs were fast!) Sadly we weren't able to see the whole thing because there was a long line waiting at the large animal hospital for a tour and I wanted to go. So we went before the line got longer. When we got to the front a man showed us a room where they keep the pigs and cows. Then, he showed us the recovery room. Next, he showed us a horse in a room getting ready for surgery! The horse was flat on his back and had an oxygen tube down his throat and everything. After that, he showed us a dog having surgery on his leg. It was SOOOO COOOOL! When the tour was over we went into a room where there was a lot of cool things. This lady showed us how to guess a horses age by looking at its teeth. There was also a fake horse heart and a lady showed us how it worked. Then we got to use microscopic surgery equipment to get a gummy bear from one plastic cup to the other. I was a pro!! We also got to use some ultrasound equipment to find strawberries, nuts, and a sock in jello. Next, we went to the front yard and got to see all kinds of animals like lamas, alpaca, cows, dogs, goats, and even a zebra and a camel! After we saw the animals Rebekah, mom, and Rachel went to do teddy bear surgery while I went to the anatomy room. They had a cows head cut in half so you could see the inside of its head. You could see it's brains and air tubes it was really neat. I also got to hold a dogs heart! All of it was somehow sterilized or mummified or something. I then went to see mom and Rebekah, they were still in line so I waited with them. After that we went home. I think after the trip I want to become a vet more than ever. I enjoyed talking to you all. Love,

UGA Visit and more sickness...

Hello Everyone! I have not actually written for a while but I hope you are enjoying the pictures. I will be posting more pictures as time allows me. Let me get you caught up on what has been happening here.

This past week was a great week of school. The girls are really working hard to finish the year on a great note. They are up early and usually done by 2pm at the latest. It is such a blessing to have such hard workers. On Friday we took a field trip to the University of Georgia. UGA is located in Athens GA which is an hour south of us. Every year they sponsor a Vet Day at the vet school. It is a way to not only educate children about animals but also to recruit future veterinarians. Since loosing our dog Butterfly, Elizabeth has expressed an interest in going to school to become a vet. This was the perfect opportunity for her to find out what it would take. Also, while Rebekah has not expressed the same interest in veterinary medicine, I thought she would enjoy the learning since she is such an animal lover. The day started out a bit wet and cold but by mid morning it had warmed up considerably. The Lord really answered our prayers on this front since we specifically asked that it not rain while we were there. We saw some really amazing things. However, I am not going to tell you about them. Instead, I am going to let the girls do that in their own posts in the next day or two.

Now for Rachel...
On Wednesday I noticed that she was coming down with the sniffles. I didn't think too much of it since that is common in GA at this time of year. The change in the weather can really play havoc on ones body. Anyway, on Friday she still seemed not quite up to par but not terribly sick either, so we kept our field trip plans. However, by Friday night I could tell she had really gone down hill. If I knew then what I know now, we would not have gone to UGA! At 8pm Friday night her temp was 103! I was shocked. I started giving her both Tylenol and Motrin to bring it down. Even with piggy-backing these two meds I could not get her fever down lower than 100.
Saturday morning I called a nurse friend of mine for advice. She was a pediatric nurse before she left medicine to stay home with her girls. Anyway, she told me the clinic here in town had Saturday hours ( I did not know this) and that I should have her checked out since she is so young. I knew she needed to be seen, I just really didn't want to take her to our ER. Quite frankly, I think they are useless. When I called the clinic they told me they could see her if I left right away. Long story short, she had a severe ear infection in her right ear. They gave her a shot so the meds would work through her system faster.It was amazing! By last night she was already feeling sooo much better. She still had a bit of fever this morning but I definitely think she is on the mend. I think the oral antibiotics they gave me are making her sick to her stomach. You are suppose to take it with food but she has basically refused all solid food for the past three days. I think part of that is b/c she is also getting her two top teeth in. I will be taking her to my regular pedi tomorrow along with Rebekah who has a check-up. Rebekah by the way is doing fabulous!
Well, that's basically it. I will update about the girls' Dr. appointments tomorrow. Love you all!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

International Dinner pics

Elizabeth worked hard to help create several authentic Laotian dishes for the International Dinner.
Elizabeth and her friend Hannah in front of their display. Hannah is wearing a traditional Laotian wedding dress, and Elizabeth is wearing a traditional Laotian reception dress.
Elizabeth and Hannah during their presentation. They were both VERY nervous!
This is a picture of all the students that participated in the International Dinner. They all did a really great job!

Rebekah's Birthday Party Pics!

Everyone had a great time breaking open the pinata!
Rebekah picked out a beautiful Tinkerbell cake. She LOVES Tink!
Rebekah had her hands full with all the presents her friends brought for her!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Having fun with big sis.
I LOVE Spaghetti!

Monday, March 31, 2008

The day before DPA Elizabeth was able to participate in a re-enactment at Traverler's Rest. She dressed in Civil War era clothing with several of her friends.
Elizabeth with Jon and Jarin, two of her friends who also won ribbons at DPA. Jon won for a presentation on computers and Jarin won for preforming a beautiful piano piece.
Elizabeth with her friend Ally who won a blue ribbon in food preservation.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

On the day of Rebekah's actual birthday we had a small cake with family to celebrate.
Isn't she pretty!
Our 3 goofy girls with their hoodies on!

This past november Mike took the girls shooting at a friends house. They had a really great time shooting pumpkins, and learned important information on weapon safety.

Finally...an update!

Hello Everyone!
Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last update. Let me see if I can remember everything that has gone on in the last two weeks.

Elizabeth is doing very well. She is still working hard to help put a wonderful yearbook together. Every Thursday we have a long meeting that usually lasts most of the school day. Hopefully we will only need to have a few more of these. This past Wed. the 26th was the pinewood derby. Her car was really neat. She made it look like an Eagle. I will post pictures of both the girls' cars in the next few posts along with a bunch of other pictures. She didn't win any trophy's but I think she should have won a design trophy. Her car wasn't as polished as a few other cars but you could tell that she did it and not her dad. The other cars were so polished I question weather or not they were truly the work of the racer or the parent. Oh-well. In everything there are life lessons. Elizabeth is a very gracious non-winner (I hate the word loser b/c I don't think of her that way). I think she showed great character being happy for the winners. I have always told my girls that it is important to win gracefully. However, it is more important to lose gracefully b/c that is where true character is built.

Rebekah also entered the derby. She created a truly unique car that was quite pretty. She did an excellent job and in the end came in first place for speed! She received a beautiful first place trophy and will get her picture in the paper. I am so happy for her! She really deserved to win. I think sometimes she tends to play second fiddle to her big sis in a lot of ways so winning for her was extra special. It seems like she is just big enough to not be able to do the little kid things but not quite big enough for the big kid things. Also, everything just seems to come so easily to Elizabeth and not so easily to Rebekah. I am making it my goal this year to try and find things for Rebekah to do where she can excel without having to live in her sisters shadow.

Rebekah has been struggling with some breathing related issues this week. She is back on the neb as well as steroids and cough meds. My poor baby! It is so hard to listen to her struggle. The steroids are done tomorrow but we will continue the neb and cough meds until the 7th of April when she goes back to the Dr. At that time we will see if we need to continue what we are doing or look at other options. I want to discuss having her tested for allergens. Also, she has never officially been diagnosed with asthma but with Reactive Airway Disease so I want to know if that has changed. I have always hoped that she would outgrow these problems, but with every passing year that becomes less and less likely. I think I will start praying over her at night for healing. Our medical experts can do so much but prayer....well now that is a whole other thing. Can I get an Amen!

Rachel is as cute as ever. She now says dada, mama, hello, dog, and hey there. I think that is pretty good for 10 1/2 months. She is cruising really well now and standing for longer periods of time unassisted. I don't think it will be long before she takes off. Mike and I are going to have to devote some time in the next week putting locks on all the cabinets b/c she loves to get into EVERYTHING!!!!!

Rachel had her first official babysitter last night. Mike and I took Elizabeth and Rebekah to an Aaron Shust concert. My girlfriend Sherri watched her and I guess they had a really great time. We were gone for 4 hours and although she fussed a little when she started getting tired she did very well. This is the longest we have been apart and I am so thankful things went smoothly. It is sad in a way that she is growing up so fast and becoming so independent of me but I realize this is a good thing. The concert we took the girls to was really great. Arron is the girls' piano teacher's son. He is a big up and coming Christian artist. This past year he won five Dove awards and has had several songs hit the charts, one of which went to number one. Both Elizabeth and Rebekah love his music and were so thrilled that he was coming in concert. After the concert they even had an opportunity to meet him. He signed autographs for them and they got their picture taken with him. In all I think it is a night they will always remember.

Well, I think that brings the blog up to speed. I will try not to let so much time go between postings in the future. I love you all!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yearbook Meeting

Hello Everyone!
Well, I have been taken to task tonight by my mom for not writing in a week. Sorry. I would have written if there had been anything other than the same old stuff going on. We have basically been doing school, school, and more school. We only have 14 weeks left in the school year. We are very excited to get it done and start enjoying our summer break.

Today was a different sort of day for us. We had our yearbook staff meeting. Elizabeth is on the staff and hopefully Rebekah will also be able to help out some. We are getting a bit of a late start on things this year so we had to have a major pow-wow session. We met from 10am -3pm. We ordered pizza for lunch and got a lot of work done. Everyone has been assigned their pages to do and we will meet again next Thursday for another long session. Elizabeth has to start collecting pictures from other home schoolers that have attended events throughout the year. She also has to have her copy done for her pages. We learned today that copy is the text that you write on each page describing the event. I really think being on the yearbook staff is going to be a great thing! All of us are going to learn so much.

Rachel has learned something new. She has figured out what a phone is in the last 2 days. She will put it up to her ear like she is talking. It is the cutest thing ever! She is also getting better at feeding herself. She really doesn't want anyone to feed her. She wants to do it herself.

Elizabeth and Rebekah are preparing for the race car derby that is put on at Awana every year. I don't remember if I have said anything about it before or not. Basically every year at Awana the older kids create derby cars out of blocks of wood and then race them. This will be Elizabeth's last year and Rebekah's first. They are really looking forward to it. The other night Mike took their drawings and traced them onto the blocks of wood and cut them out. The girls have been sanding them smooth for the last few days. This weekend I think they will try and get as much done as possible. The cars have to be weighed on Wed. but don't have to be completed until the night of the race which is the 26th. I am looking forward to race day. It is always fun.

Well, that's about it. I'll write again when I have something of interest to say. I love you all!
In Him,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

International Dinner

Hello Everyone!
First, I want to explain what the International Dinner is. Every year our home school group puts this on for the students and their families. Students pick a country or region to study and create a presentation. They usually do a poster or tri board and have at least 3 dishes from that country to serve. Some students dress in traditional costumes for that country or they have items from that country to show. This is a great forum for the kids to practice their public speaking skills and learn about other cultures.
Elizabeth and her friend Hannah decided to do the country of Laos. Two women from Hannah's father's work are from there and helped the girls out. The women gave Hannah and Elizabeth pictures, a calendar, bowls, and money to show. One of the women also lent them her traditional wedding and reception dresses. Elizabeth wore her reception dress. She looked lovely! The girls also explained a game the Laotian people play that is similar to jacks while I demonstrated. The girls prepared chicken made in a special sauce they use. They also prepared sticky rice, sweet rice with mango, and papaya salad. Everyone had a wonderful time. Rebekah wants to do something with Elizabeth next year. I think they are talking about doing Egypt. I think that would be a great idea.
The girls had Awana tonight. They both past off several sections in their books and will be graduating into new books soon. I am very proud of both of them for all their hard work this year. Well, that is about it for tonight. Will write again in a few days.
In Him,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Party was a BIG hit!

Rebekah had an amazing time at her birthday party on Saturday! She had 8 friends show up. We had lime-sherbet punch, chips and dip, a veggie tray, powdered doughnuts, and a fruit salad. We had plenty and everyone ate as much as they wanted. After eating, the girls played a game of capture the flag and then did the pinata. The pinata was a lot of fun. It was a unicorn and on the second hit the body detached itself from the head. Mike had to restring in up in the tree since the body was where the candy was. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. The girls even put together a bag of candy for one of Rebekah's friends who couldn't be there because of sickness. They were very sweet about it.
After the pinata we played Pixie, Pixie, Dust (Duck, Duck, Goose). They played this many times before they got tired of it. Next we played a game of Freeze. This is where everyone dances to the music and then freezes when the music stops. We played this game several times as well. Lastly we played a game of Musical Crowns. Instead of using chairs we placed fairy crowns on the ground and marched to music around them. When everyone go tired of playing games we came in for cake, ice cream and presents. Rebekah picked a beautiful Tinker Bell cake with sparkler candles. He friends were very generous to her with their gifts. I think her favorite gift was a beading kit and her most thoughtful gift was a bouquet of daffodil's. After all of this we got comfortable and watched the new Barbie movie and ate popcorn balls. In all I think it was a great party and everyone had a very nice time.

Elizabeth will be doing the International Dinner tomorrow. I will write all about it next time.

Oh and last but not least is Rachel's new trick. She loves to SCREAM at the top of her lungs. Oh I hope she outgrows this one soon. It is very nerve racking!

I am off to bed now since we have an early morning tomorrow.
In Him,

Friday, February 29, 2008

New Chapter for the Murray's

Hello all! I know it has been a while since I last blogged. Sorry about that. It is hard sometimes to think of things to say when life is not very exciting. However tonight I do have some new news.

Mike has been unofficially asked to become the lead tech for the whole plant at work. They will basically be creating this position for him. This is HUGE for us. His normal schedule is to work four days and then be off for four days. With this new position he will be working Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm. To understand how big this is for us you have to know that out of 13 years of marriage, Mike has worked some form of night shift for the last 10 years. This will be a huge lifestyle change for us. I think everyone has mixed feelings about this change, however, we think the pros out weigh the cons. We are really trusting in the Lord to direct this whole thing. We have been praying and hoping for some change for a while but didn't know in what form it would come. I really want Mike to #1-like what he is doing and #2- not have to work so hard physically. Some days his hands hurt so bad after a night of work that he can't fully bend his fingers. Plus, his back is always hurting him to some degree. My hope is that he will be able to use his mind more and his body less, although there will be some physicality to the job. So, please pray that the Lord would work all the details out for His glory and that we would not inject ourselves into things but let them happen naturally as He sees fit.

Rebekah is finally having her 9th birthday party on Sat. She is VERY excited. We have an overabundance of party supplies. While I was out shopping for party supplies yesterday my mom was in Anderson, SC for an appointment and also went shopping for party supplies. Needless to say, she is going to have a GREAT party! She has chosen Tinker Bell as her theme. We will have a pinata, play games and watch the new Barbie movie Mariposa. I will write all about it after the party.

Elizabeth is going to be studying the country of Laos for our home school International Dinner. She has to meet up with her friend Hannah tomorrow and talk about what they are going to do. They will also be meeting a couple ladies from that country to talk to them about life there. They will have to make a couple native dishes and do a report. I think this is a great cross-cultural experience for her.

I am starting to think about Rachel's 1st birthday and what I want to do for it. I don't really see the need to do a BIG bash but I want to recognize the day in some way. Maybe invite a few of our friends that have little ones over for cake. I think I would like to get her an activity table and one of those walking things that she can push. They can be pricey so we will see. If not both, then maybe one or the other.
Well, that is it for now. I will write again after the party.
Sending my love to you all,

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Normal Life

Well, I really don't have a lot to say, but I felt I should say something for those that check in regularly. We have had a pretty normal week since getting over all the sickness and going to DPA. Elizabeth and Rebekah had a really great day of school today. They worked really hard and got done by 2:30. I love days like this. Rachel is just as cute as ever. She has really gotten the crawling thing down and is now using things to hoist herself up to a standing position. It won't be long and she will start cruising and walking. She loves to babble and peek-a-boo is her favorite game. She also LOVES to tear paper!
We are going to finally have Rebekah's b-day party on March 1st. We decided to do it before we install the new carpet, that way I won't feel bad if the kids eat in the living room and get cake everywhere. She is very excited. After that we will have to start planning Miss Rachel's big 1st b-day. I can't believe she will be 1 in 2 1/2 months. I was talking to Mike tonight about how big she is getting. I told him the next time we get to enjoy a tiny little one will probably be when we become grandparents since we don't plan to have anymore. What a thought!
The girls are looking forward to the weekend. They have a b-day party to go to on Saturday. I will need a little help from them around the house, but I think we are all looking forward to a fairly uneventful weekend of relaxation. It has been a while since we have had one of those. Unless something major happens I probably won't update again until early next week. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rachel's weight check

Rachel had her weight check today. If you remember she had lost about 6 oz. when she was sick. I am happy to report that she has gained all 6 oz back. Her Dr. said that she looks great. She weighs 15# 6 oz and was 26 5.8 in long. She is small but following a steady curve on the charts. Her Dr. also gave the go ahead to introduce dairy into her diet. She had egg for the first time today and really seemed to enjoy it. I bought some yogurt for her to try in a few days. I am looking forward to expanding her diet.
Rebekah and Elizabeth are the same. They are looking forward to tomorrow (Tuesday) as usual. They are also looking forward to their friend Hannah's b-day party on Sat.
Mike and I are doing good, just busy. Mike is going to have to get up on the roof tomorrow and find out why there is a leak where out fan is above our stove. We both suspect that he will have to retar it. We lent out our ladder so we have to wait for it's return to fix things.
That's about it. Have a great day everyone.
In Him,

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Elizabeth came in first place and received a blue ribbon at DPA! What a day. We were up at 6am and on the road by 7:15. We got to Rock Eagle about 9:30 and found out Elizabeth didn't have her presentation until 1pm. We put her project away and went to watch one of her friends, Jarin present. He was playing the piano. He did very well and ended up getting a third place ribbon. After that we had just enough time to eat lunch and get Elizabth ready for her presentation. Let me just say that ...SHE WAS SOOOO GOOD! Elizabeth's friend Jon also received a ribbon for 2nd place in the computers category, and Ally her fellow home school buddy received a 1st place ribbon for food preparation. All in all it was a great day for all of her friends as well as herself.

Rebekah had a great time at the DeWitt's house. I really think she is happy to be home though. She has been very clingy tonight. It sure is nice being missed.:0)Today they went bike riding down at The Gorge. They have bike trails down there and she had a wonderful time. She said tonight that she is a little sore so we will see how she feels in the morning.

Rachel was a trooper all day long. She is such a good baby.

Well, I would love to write more but I am honestly about ready to fall asleep right her at the keyboard so I am going to go to bed. Goodnight everyone!

In Him,

I thought you might like to see a picture of Elizabeth in her dress for DPA.

Great Day!

Today we had a busy day. The girls did a half day of school and then helped clean the house. Elizabeth was invited to go to Traveler's Rest this evening with some friends. I let her go b/c I thought it would be a great distraction for her. Traveler's Rest is an old historic house that was also an inn back in the 1800's and early 1900's. It was a stop on the pony express and also the last stage coach stop on the way to Atlanta. There is a re-enactment society that puts together presentations there. One of her friends let her borrow a period costume and she got to play act like she was a traveler to the crowds. She had so much fun. I will try and upload a picture of her in costume soon.
Rebekah is also having an exciting night. She is staying the night with her friends the DeWitt's. If you remember, Megan DeWitt was her friend who just had surgery. She is going to spend the day with them while we are at DPA. I thought it would be much more fun for her.
Mike is feeling MUCH better today. As a matter-of-fact he was feeling so much better that we decided to go out for our Valentine's dinner tonight instead of Wed. We went to Applebee's and really enjoyed ourselves.
Elizabeth had a hard time getting to sleep tonight. She was having a hard time settling herself down. I think her nerves are really starting to kick in. Please pray for a calm spirit for her tomorrow. I have almost everything ready to go for tomorrow. I just have a few things I need to pack for the baby. I know I am over packing but I feel it is better to have too much stuff then get all the way down there and need something I didn't bring. KWIM? I will put everything by the door so we can just load up in the morning and be off. We have to be at the Public Library for bus loading by 6:45 am. We will leave at 7am sharp. We are taking two other mama's with us so we will pick them up there as well. We should get to Rock Eagle (the 4-H camp grounds) at about 9am, unload, and find out where Elizabeth's presentation will be. Awards will be at 4pm and we should be ready to leave by 5pm. I will post tomorrow about our day and how things went. Now I am off to finalize everything and then to bed.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Sick Daddy :(

Well, Mike finally got it. I think he has the same thing the girls had last week. I feel so bad for him. I wish he could stay home and rest but with him being our only source of income he really can't. I suspect that even if he weren't that he wouldn't take off work. He is just that way. Please pray for a speedy recovery. He has to drive up to DPA on Sat. and it would be a shame if he had to go while being sick.

I think Elizabeth is feeling a little better about DPA. She had her monthly 4-H meeting yesterday and they talked a lot about what to expect. I think a lot of her fear was of the unknown. She is still nervous, but she is handling it much better. It also helped that her Uncle Zakk called her and encouraged her. She told me that it made her feel so good to know that he was behind her lifting her up. Thank you Zakk for helping ease her fears. I love you for it!

I went shopping for Valentine's tonight while the girls were at AWANA. For those that don't know AWANA is a church club that meets once a week. The girls work through books memorizing scripture. They receive play money for each section they complete and then twice a year they have store night where they can buy things. When they complete a book they get a lovely ribbon and much praise. It is a great time of fellowship for them since many of their friends also attend.

The girls are really looking forward to tomorrow. They love Valentine's day.They tried to talk me into taking the day off from school, but with all the days we had to take off for sickness last week we really can't afford to. I would really like to have a summer break and unless we stay on task that won't happen. For Valentine's day I bought all three of the girls a pair of PJ"s. Elizabeth's are red stripped sleep pants and a red sleep shirt, Rebekah's pants have a pink cheetah print and a cute pink shirt with a cat on it, and I bought the baby a two pack of winter sleepers (pink and purple). I also bought the older girls each a box of chocolates and some Warhead candies. They LOVE those. I also bought Rachel a tub toy and some little cookies to munch on. I think they will be very excited. As for Mike, I bought him a package of chocolate espresso beans. He loves those. We decided not to do too much for each other and instead go out to eat when he is feeling better. We both love to eat out and felt we would much rather spend our Valentine budget on that than individual gifts. Hopefully we can go next Wed. while the girls are at AWANA.

Well, that's about it. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day with their sweeties!

In Him,


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

9 Month Check-up

Rachel had her 9 month check-up today. She has healed up well from the flu. I am so thankful. The only thing she still seems to be struggling with now is a stuffy nose. Her weight was down a bit from her last visit. This could be from being sick, but the Dr. wants to see her back next Monday for a weight check just to make sure we are going in the right direction. Also, I have noticed a decrease in the amount of wet diapers she is having. Again, the Drs. not too concerned yet , but we will be keeping an eye on things to make sure she is getting what she needs. She doesn't seem hungry so I am not really sure what is going on. I bought some pedialyte pops to give her in case she is just a bit dehydrated from being sick.
Elizabeth is preparing for DPA (district project achievement) for 4-H which is on Saturday. This is a big deal as she has to go before the judges and present her project. She already won a blue ribbon for her project at the local level. She made a beautiful dress that looks like it could have been worn in Lord of the Rings by an Elven princess. It is AMAZING! She is VERY nervous. Please pray that she will not make herself sick. She has had a bellyache most of the day. It could be some of her sickness from last week holding on, but I really don't think it is. I really think it is just nerves. She will be practicing tomorrow at their club meeting.
Rebekah is doing great. Nothing new to really report with her. She is looking forward to tomorrow as it is her favorite day of the school week. Well, I really must go to bed. We have to be up early and it will be a LONG day.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Better Day!

Well, today was a much better day for everyone. Elizabeth and Rebekah are feeling much better. The only thing that is bothering them now is a cough that seems to want to linger. The baby is also feeling better. When she woke up her fever had broken. Yeah! She was so cute this morning laughing and cooing. I am so thankful that they are better. I only pray that this flu is not lying dormant in either Mike or myself. It would totally stink if we were to get sick now that the girls are well. It could really become a vicious cycle.

Since everyone was feeling better I called my mom up and invited her to come to Wal-mart with us. I had to go anyway and I was giving the girls the day off from school so we had no plans. I thought it would be the perfect time to take her on an outing. I know she has been dying to get out of the house. We had a wonderful time. While I didn't expect anything, mom of course wanted to get everyone something. She is very generous that way. Rebekah got her ear pierced again. The last time one of her holes closed up. She picked out the cutest pair of earrings. Very girly! Elizabeth and Rebekah both picked out cute hoody shirts, and I picked out a pretty white sweater for the baby for Spring. Mom bought me a pair of Jeans that I desperately needed and two cute summer tops. I was only going to get the Jeans but I get the feeling that my mom thinks my clothes are terribly old and out dated.:0) She also spoiled herself a little and bought a few things for herself. After shopping we ate a late lunch at Subway and had a wonderful time eating, chatting and laughing.

While we were at Wal-mart the coolest thing happened to me. We were in the baby section getting diapers and I was wearing Rachel in the sling. I had just nursed her and she was happily playing with my face and looking around. A young mother with a 1 month old infant asked where I had gotten the sling. I told her and she seemed very interested. She asked if you could nurse in the sling while out in public and I of course told her you could. Apparently she was at that moment looking at formula so she could feed her baby when she was out in public! :-0 Well, I showed her how easy it was to nurse in public with or without a sling and talked to her at length about NIP (nursing in public). I showed her how to dress for NIP and really encouraged her to give it a try instead of formula. She seemed so relieved to see how easy it was. I am so thankful that the Lord put her in my path. I hate to see young mother's turning to formula when it is so unnecessary. They do it not b/c they want to but b/c our society has bullied them into thinking it is gross or wrong to bf at all, let alone in public. I told her it is not so much her right to bf but her babies right to eat. If people don't like it oh-well. I told her to tell them to mind their own business! The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization back her up and so does the law! Yeah bfing moms! Can you tell I am a little passionate about this subject. :-) I could go on and on but I won't. Anyway, this was not the first time this has happened to me and it just made my day. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

In Him,


Friday, February 8, 2008

Keep doing what we are doing...

That is what my pedi said. Elizabeth just finished her meds today. She will continue to get cough meds and breathing treatments until this ugly cough of hers goes away. Rebekah has been put on the same meds Elizabeth just finished. The baby is still fevered but holding her own. My pedi said it is good that I am still breastfeeding Rachel. She said that the immunities she receives from me will help her fight this bug. I guess she has been putting a lot of kids in the hospital with this flu. She doesn't see that happening here b/c of the bfing. Yeah! It is so nice to get validation in this area. So many people look down on bfing after 6mo. People don't understand that it is sooo much healthier for them. Besides she is still just a baby for goodness sake!
Last night Rachel had me up ALL night. I had just finished paying bills when she started crying. I got her up to nurse her back to sleep but she had other ideas. Instead she decided it was play time. Never mind that it was 3 am! Anyway, I finally got her to sleep about 6 am but only in the recliner. At 7:30 Mike woke me up and I put her in bed. I got another hour and a half before Elizabeth brought her in to me and I nursed her back to sleep for another hour. In all I probably got 3-4 hours of sleep. Bless Elizabeth and Rebekah for being such good girls today. After our Dr. visit they let me take a nap with the baby and I got 3 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep. Hopefully tonight will be better.
Well the house is quiet and I am exhausted so goodnight everyone!
In Him,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Flu!

Ugh! Rachel was diagnosed with the flu today. I guess I was wrong about the tests yesterday. I am so thankful to have a pedi. that is thorough. In order to keep her fever down I am having to alternate Tylenol and Motrin. With her fever controlled by the drugs we saw little signs of spunk in her today, unlike yesterday. She also ate a little fruit tonight on top of nursing. I am so thankful that I am still nursing her. It is so nice to know I can provide this kind of nourishment for her as well as the added benefit of cuddle time. All of the girls are going to see the Dr. tomorrow, so we will know how to proceed with all of this illness. I am afraid there is not much else we can do other than what we are doing now but we will see.
Elizabeth and Rebekah finally felt good enough to finish their Valentine's for the Sonlight swap. They look so cute. We will put them in the mail tomorrow. The girls are anxiously waiting for Valentine's to start coming to them. We will put them all in a basket and have a little Valentine Party on the 14th. We will get some cookies and punch and open all the Valentine's they receive and then chart on a map where they all came from.
Well that's all til tomorrow.
In Him,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Sickness...

Hey all! Well, now the baby is sick. She woke up this morning and just didn't seem her usual chipper self. When I took her temp. I found out why. At 102.7 she was very pitiful. I tried getting her temp. down all day but didn't get it below 100 til this evening. Her pedi had me bring her in for a quick RSV and Flu swab b/c there is so much of it going around right now. I don't think that is what she has but, I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. At least that is what my mama always told me.:0) I had forgotten what it was like to have a sick little one. It is so different when they can't communicate with you and tell you where it hurts.
Elizabeth and Rebekah are also still battling sore throats and general yuckiness. The breathing treatments seem to be helping but, I think they just need a few more days of rest. They had to miss all their school activities today which was a real bummer for them. Tuesday is their fun day. They usually have piano, sewing class and PE.
Well, not much else to report today so I'll sign off. Please pray for quick healing for all the girls and that Mike and I don't get sick.
In Him,

Monday, February 4, 2008

Rachel Grace playing the piano.
Elizabeth and Rebekah at my brother's wedding this past August.

I figured out how to add pics! These are the most recent ones of the girls I have uploaded to my computer. I will add newer ones once Mike shows me how to download them from our camera.

Love to you all,


Well, Elizabeth woke up this morning with a fever of 102.6. After checking her for strep it was determined that she has Bronchitis. Rebekah is also displaying similar symptoms but not as severe. Anyway, they are both on meds. Needless to say we did not get our Valentine's done today. Hopefully tomorrow. Please pray for quick recoveries for both of them and also, that none of the rest of us gets it.

Rachel had her WIC appt. today. She now weighs a whopping 15lbs. 6oz. At almost 9 months old she is a little bit of a thing but that's ok. Someone has to be on the small side of the scale. Right? She probably just takes after her daddy which is not a bad thing as far as I am concerned.

Once I have figured out this whole blog thing I will add some pictures. I can't even get my spell check to work!;0) Take care and God bless.

In Him,


I finally did it!

Well, I have been saying I was going to create a blog for a while, and now I have! I think this will be an easy way for me to keep family and friends updated on all the Murray happenings. Let's see, where do I start...ok I got it.

A few weeks ago our hot water tank blew at 4am! How's that for exciting. The adjuster came Fri. the 1st and it looks like we are getting new carpet in the baby's room, the living room, our hallway, and entry way. Whoo-hoo! The carpet in our house wasn't bad but it was at least 10 years old and the baby's room was at least 15-20 yo. It will be nice, but I can't wait til it is all done.

Now the kids....

Elizabeth is sick today with a bug that has been going around. Please pray for a quick recovery. Tomorrow we will be finishing our Valentine's for our Valentine swap we do each year. She and Rebekah will be exchanging Valentine's with kids all over the world. It is something that a group of homeschooling moms from the Sonlight curriculum we use do every year. It is so fun to see the places they come from and they are all homemade. I pray she will feel well enough to help or she will be very disappointed.

Last night Rebekah's friend Megan had to have an emergency appendectomy. Please pray she heals quickly. Rebekah decided she wanted to spend some of her b-day money on a gift for her friend. It just warmed my heart that she was thinking of someone before herself. She bought Megan some crayons, a sketch pad, coloring book, as well as, a flower and balloon. What a sweet girl we have!

Our little Rachel is growing up! She conquered yet another skill yesterday. She figured out how to go from a lying down position to a sitting position. YEAH!!!! Even though she is our 3rd, it still amazes me how you can love someone so completely. Another not so nice thing she started yesterday was biting me! I was quietly nursing her when all of a sudden she chomped down HARD. I just about hit the roof. Hopefully this will be a quick phase.

Well, this has gotten long and I an tired so I will sign off for now. I will be back soon with more news. Love to all.

In Him,