Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on Elizabeth

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to post and let everyone know how Elizabeth made out at the eye doctor. Apparently she has 20/20 vision in her right eye and 20/25 in her left eye. With near perfect vision, we are back to the drawing board as far as her headaches are concerned. This past Friday I met with her pedi and she would like to do a CT scan but her insurance won't let her do one until other less expensive tests are done first. So, she ordered a 3 way x-ray of her sinuses and prescribed three different meds for her to take over the course of the next few weeks. This is to rule out possible sinus infection or inflammation. If that does not work then she can justify the CT scan to the insurance company. We have an appt. with the Dr. on the 15th to check everything. So far she is still having headaches. Please pray for wisdom for us all. I really don't want to put Elizabeth through any unnecessary tests, but I also don't want her to continue to suffer through headaches everyday. Thanks for praying!
In Him,