Monday, March 31, 2008

The day before DPA Elizabeth was able to participate in a re-enactment at Traverler's Rest. She dressed in Civil War era clothing with several of her friends.
Elizabeth with Jon and Jarin, two of her friends who also won ribbons at DPA. Jon won for a presentation on computers and Jarin won for preforming a beautiful piano piece.
Elizabeth with her friend Ally who won a blue ribbon in food preservation.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

On the day of Rebekah's actual birthday we had a small cake with family to celebrate.
Isn't she pretty!
Our 3 goofy girls with their hoodies on!

This past november Mike took the girls shooting at a friends house. They had a really great time shooting pumpkins, and learned important information on weapon safety. update!

Hello Everyone!
Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last update. Let me see if I can remember everything that has gone on in the last two weeks.

Elizabeth is doing very well. She is still working hard to help put a wonderful yearbook together. Every Thursday we have a long meeting that usually lasts most of the school day. Hopefully we will only need to have a few more of these. This past Wed. the 26th was the pinewood derby. Her car was really neat. She made it look like an Eagle. I will post pictures of both the girls' cars in the next few posts along with a bunch of other pictures. She didn't win any trophy's but I think she should have won a design trophy. Her car wasn't as polished as a few other cars but you could tell that she did it and not her dad. The other cars were so polished I question weather or not they were truly the work of the racer or the parent. Oh-well. In everything there are life lessons. Elizabeth is a very gracious non-winner (I hate the word loser b/c I don't think of her that way). I think she showed great character being happy for the winners. I have always told my girls that it is important to win gracefully. However, it is more important to lose gracefully b/c that is where true character is built.

Rebekah also entered the derby. She created a truly unique car that was quite pretty. She did an excellent job and in the end came in first place for speed! She received a beautiful first place trophy and will get her picture in the paper. I am so happy for her! She really deserved to win. I think sometimes she tends to play second fiddle to her big sis in a lot of ways so winning for her was extra special. It seems like she is just big enough to not be able to do the little kid things but not quite big enough for the big kid things. Also, everything just seems to come so easily to Elizabeth and not so easily to Rebekah. I am making it my goal this year to try and find things for Rebekah to do where she can excel without having to live in her sisters shadow.

Rebekah has been struggling with some breathing related issues this week. She is back on the neb as well as steroids and cough meds. My poor baby! It is so hard to listen to her struggle. The steroids are done tomorrow but we will continue the neb and cough meds until the 7th of April when she goes back to the Dr. At that time we will see if we need to continue what we are doing or look at other options. I want to discuss having her tested for allergens. Also, she has never officially been diagnosed with asthma but with Reactive Airway Disease so I want to know if that has changed. I have always hoped that she would outgrow these problems, but with every passing year that becomes less and less likely. I think I will start praying over her at night for healing. Our medical experts can do so much but prayer....well now that is a whole other thing. Can I get an Amen!

Rachel is as cute as ever. She now says dada, mama, hello, dog, and hey there. I think that is pretty good for 10 1/2 months. She is cruising really well now and standing for longer periods of time unassisted. I don't think it will be long before she takes off. Mike and I are going to have to devote some time in the next week putting locks on all the cabinets b/c she loves to get into EVERYTHING!!!!!

Rachel had her first official babysitter last night. Mike and I took Elizabeth and Rebekah to an Aaron Shust concert. My girlfriend Sherri watched her and I guess they had a really great time. We were gone for 4 hours and although she fussed a little when she started getting tired she did very well. This is the longest we have been apart and I am so thankful things went smoothly. It is sad in a way that she is growing up so fast and becoming so independent of me but I realize this is a good thing. The concert we took the girls to was really great. Arron is the girls' piano teacher's son. He is a big up and coming Christian artist. This past year he won five Dove awards and has had several songs hit the charts, one of which went to number one. Both Elizabeth and Rebekah love his music and were so thrilled that he was coming in concert. After the concert they even had an opportunity to meet him. He signed autographs for them and they got their picture taken with him. In all I think it is a night they will always remember.

Well, I think that brings the blog up to speed. I will try not to let so much time go between postings in the future. I love you all!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yearbook Meeting

Hello Everyone!
Well, I have been taken to task tonight by my mom for not writing in a week. Sorry. I would have written if there had been anything other than the same old stuff going on. We have basically been doing school, school, and more school. We only have 14 weeks left in the school year. We are very excited to get it done and start enjoying our summer break.

Today was a different sort of day for us. We had our yearbook staff meeting. Elizabeth is on the staff and hopefully Rebekah will also be able to help out some. We are getting a bit of a late start on things this year so we had to have a major pow-wow session. We met from 10am -3pm. We ordered pizza for lunch and got a lot of work done. Everyone has been assigned their pages to do and we will meet again next Thursday for another long session. Elizabeth has to start collecting pictures from other home schoolers that have attended events throughout the year. She also has to have her copy done for her pages. We learned today that copy is the text that you write on each page describing the event. I really think being on the yearbook staff is going to be a great thing! All of us are going to learn so much.

Rachel has learned something new. She has figured out what a phone is in the last 2 days. She will put it up to her ear like she is talking. It is the cutest thing ever! She is also getting better at feeding herself. She really doesn't want anyone to feed her. She wants to do it herself.

Elizabeth and Rebekah are preparing for the race car derby that is put on at Awana every year. I don't remember if I have said anything about it before or not. Basically every year at Awana the older kids create derby cars out of blocks of wood and then race them. This will be Elizabeth's last year and Rebekah's first. They are really looking forward to it. The other night Mike took their drawings and traced them onto the blocks of wood and cut them out. The girls have been sanding them smooth for the last few days. This weekend I think they will try and get as much done as possible. The cars have to be weighed on Wed. but don't have to be completed until the night of the race which is the 26th. I am looking forward to race day. It is always fun.

Well, that's about it. I'll write again when I have something of interest to say. I love you all!
In Him,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

International Dinner

Hello Everyone!
First, I want to explain what the International Dinner is. Every year our home school group puts this on for the students and their families. Students pick a country or region to study and create a presentation. They usually do a poster or tri board and have at least 3 dishes from that country to serve. Some students dress in traditional costumes for that country or they have items from that country to show. This is a great forum for the kids to practice their public speaking skills and learn about other cultures.
Elizabeth and her friend Hannah decided to do the country of Laos. Two women from Hannah's father's work are from there and helped the girls out. The women gave Hannah and Elizabeth pictures, a calendar, bowls, and money to show. One of the women also lent them her traditional wedding and reception dresses. Elizabeth wore her reception dress. She looked lovely! The girls also explained a game the Laotian people play that is similar to jacks while I demonstrated. The girls prepared chicken made in a special sauce they use. They also prepared sticky rice, sweet rice with mango, and papaya salad. Everyone had a wonderful time. Rebekah wants to do something with Elizabeth next year. I think they are talking about doing Egypt. I think that would be a great idea.
The girls had Awana tonight. They both past off several sections in their books and will be graduating into new books soon. I am very proud of both of them for all their hard work this year. Well, that is about it for tonight. Will write again in a few days.
In Him,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Party was a BIG hit!

Rebekah had an amazing time at her birthday party on Saturday! She had 8 friends show up. We had lime-sherbet punch, chips and dip, a veggie tray, powdered doughnuts, and a fruit salad. We had plenty and everyone ate as much as they wanted. After eating, the girls played a game of capture the flag and then did the pinata. The pinata was a lot of fun. It was a unicorn and on the second hit the body detached itself from the head. Mike had to restring in up in the tree since the body was where the candy was. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. The girls even put together a bag of candy for one of Rebekah's friends who couldn't be there because of sickness. They were very sweet about it.
After the pinata we played Pixie, Pixie, Dust (Duck, Duck, Goose). They played this many times before they got tired of it. Next we played a game of Freeze. This is where everyone dances to the music and then freezes when the music stops. We played this game several times as well. Lastly we played a game of Musical Crowns. Instead of using chairs we placed fairy crowns on the ground and marched to music around them. When everyone go tired of playing games we came in for cake, ice cream and presents. Rebekah picked a beautiful Tinker Bell cake with sparkler candles. He friends were very generous to her with their gifts. I think her favorite gift was a beading kit and her most thoughtful gift was a bouquet of daffodil's. After all of this we got comfortable and watched the new Barbie movie and ate popcorn balls. In all I think it was a great party and everyone had a very nice time.

Elizabeth will be doing the International Dinner tomorrow. I will write all about it next time.

Oh and last but not least is Rachel's new trick. She loves to SCREAM at the top of her lungs. Oh I hope she outgrows this one soon. It is very nerve racking!

I am off to bed now since we have an early morning tomorrow.
In Him,