Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Dr. visit/Getting ready for school

Hello Everyone!
Elizabeth saw the orthopedic Dr. today. The Dr. says that Elizabeth is getting stronger and looks really good. Throughout this past week she has had a significant decrees in pain. For this we are so thankful. She still can't jump around and go crazy but was told to just use common sense. If it hurts STOP!:P She has another appt in 21/2 week just to check how things are going. However, the Dr. said that if she is doing great that we can cancel. Sooo, we won't bet going to PE tomorrow, but I don't think it is that big of a deal since it's raining here like crazy anyway and I do NOT want to be out in it all day.

I can't believe that school starts next Monday! WOW! Where did our summer go. I am not even close to being ready. I will have to jump into overdrive to get everything done. However, with that said, we WILL be ready and start school on time. I think Rebekah is getting a little excited about starting back but doesn't want to admit it. Elizabeth is not looking forward to starting back but she is also almost 13. Enough said!

Mike's birthday is this Wednesday. We are looking forward to celebrating. However, we probably will wait til the weekend since he is just so tired during the week. We have a lovely painting for him that a local friend did. It is of two blue footed boobies (birds for those that don't know). I think it will remind him of the tropics, diving, and the ocean. Elizabeth's gift for her dad is a song. He has been on her for some time now to learn Moonlight Sonata on the piano. She has been practicing for months now without his knowledge and plans to play it for him on his day. Rebekah is not sure what she wants to do yet, but I am sure we will think of something quite special.
Well, that is all for now. My love to you all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Prayer's and Big Praises

Hello everyone. I pray you have all had a wonderful week. Things are going fairly well here. Elizabeth's therapy is going well. She is still in pain but hopefully with time things will get better. I found out that my insurance would not accept Mrs. Deb's office. I guess she is outside their system. However, I was up for renewal and had the option to change which company we used so I have switched. This is not the only reason I have switched, but it is one of several big ones. The new company does accept her office so we are very grateful. I did not find this out til after Elizabeth's second appointment, which was denied by the old company. So Deb has basically been seeing Elizabeth for FREE! What a testimony to the way the body of Christ is suppose to take care of each other. I know it is not the same as money, but I will have to bake her some of my Amish Friendship bread. YUM!

Rebekah did not have to go to the Dr's. for her eye. I was ever so grateful that the irritation went away after a good night's rest. Please pray for Rebekah this coming Sunday. She was caught doing something she shouldn't and now has to confess it and ask for forgiveness. This is such a hard lesson to learn. However, Mike and I feel very strong that it is necessary she do this. Scripture is very clear about what we need to do when we have wronged a brother in Christ. It is our hope that these lessons learned now will help her to stay on the right path in the future.

Rachel had her 15 month check-up on Tuesday. She is doing well, however, the Dr. wants to see her again next month. While listening to her heart she detected a murmur. This of course was totally freaking me out at first. However, now that I have had a chance to reflect and pray, I have a clearer mind. I am not going to borrow trouble. God is in TOTAL control. I am praying that between now and then God will touch her little body and when we see the Dr. next month she will hear nothing but a perfectly beating heart. Can I get an AMEN! Also, the Dr. wants to check Rachel's weight. On Tuesday she weighted 20 pounds, which is what she weighed last time we were there. I am not really concerned with this, I just think she is going to be petite.

Mike and I are doing well. Mike is working hard as ever, but really liking the challenge of his new position. We are hopeful that his dedication will lead to bigger and better things for him as time goes on. He has also been working hard this week getting a lot of yard work done. The yard is really starting to look nice.
I am gearing up for the new school year. I have never liked the paper work part of homeschooling but it is a necessary evil. I plan to finish all of my filing in the next few weeks so I can have everything ready for Sept. 1st. I would really like to do something fun for the first day of school, however, I am at a loss. Please feel free to give me your suggestions:0) Well, that's all for now. Sending my love to you all. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Physical Therapy Visit

Hello Everyone! I thought I would let you all know how Elizabeth's appt. with PT went. We are very fortunate to know Elizabeth's physical therapist personally. Mrs. Deb, as the girls call her, is a member of our church and, I feel very confident that Elizabeth is getting the very best of care.

First, Deb interviewed Elizabeth about her knee. Once that was done she placed little electrodes on her skin along with anti-inflammatory medicine. The electrodes helped push the medicine down into the joint where it is inflamed. She also iced it for a good long while. After that, Deb showed Elizabeth several exercises that she wants her to do over the course of this month to help strengthen the muscles in her legs. We will go back to see her on Thursday where she will give her some more exercises and do the electrodes and medicine again.

While we were there she noticed that Elizabeth is standing and walking with her left ankle rolled in. She said that this can actually cause pain in the opposite knee (it is Elizabeth's right knee that is hurt). She does not feel this is what is causing her pain but, she said that it can and will cause her joint trouble as she gets older. She has suggested that we fit Elizabeth with an insert for her shoe so she walks, runs, stands,etc properly. However, our primary concern is to get rid of the pain she is experiencing now. I will talk to the orthopedist about this new development when we go back on the 25th.

In other news, Elizabeth is very excited to be going back to the vet's office tomorrow. She will wear her brace and call me if she needs to be picked up early. I also may take Rebekah to the Dr. tomorrow to have her eye looked at. I think she may be developing a sty.

I'll let you know how things go with everything in the next few days.
In Christ,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Elizabeth Update

Well, The MRI came back clean so she will not need surgery. This is a very good thing. However, it also leaves us with many questions. No one is sure why her knee is hurting. It has been suggested that she may have bruised the bone, or compressed the cartilage when she wore the heels. So for now she will continue to take her pain meds when needed. She has been ordered off the crutches and she is only suppose to wear the brace when she will be up on her feet for a long time and she feels she needs it. Monday she goes to see a physical therapist who will give her some exercises to do over the course of this next month. On the 25th of Aug she will go back to the orthopedic for a re-check and see where she is at that point. The goal for the month is to strengthen her leg and knee.

Not much else to report so I will close for now.
In Christ,